A Mother’s Wish Come True

26 February 2016

MGC160112_ELINA_PAT07074_WILLS_REHAB_KK0002_HIA tragic situation led to six-year-old Elina suffering from third degree burns on the right side of her face, neck and arm.

Her mother, Charlotte, came to Mercy Ships to ask for help in restoring her daughter. As a single mother, she could no longer afford to provide the medical care her daughter urgently needed.

Mercy Ship donors and volunteers renewed Elina and Charlotte’s hope for the future by offering her access to immediate medical care as well as a free surgery to restore Elina’s mobility in her neck and arm!

MGC160203_ELINA_PAT07074_WARD_KK0001_HIThis girl is getting more and more excited with each passing day. Elina’s burn grafts have taken nicely and her wounds are hurting less and less.

This has given Elina more time to focus on making friends and just being six. Elina’s mama now has new hope for her daughter’s future!

Heading into the last week of surgeries, already 60 children have received complex plastic surgeries. Many of these procedures restored joint function for patients whose limbs or neck had been frozen by burn scaring.

MGC160217_ELINA_PAT07074_DECK_7_KK0001_HIIt is a great joy to see children who arrived fearful and in pain, now rushing around the wards giggling and playing. Thanks to donors and volunteers working together, children like Elina have bright futures to look forward to!