A Heartbreaking Flight.

13 October 2015

Last week our screening team joined Mission Aviation Fellowship on a flight to Bekodoka, a village Mercy Ships learned about earlier this year. It takes at least 7 days to reach this remote village.

Bekodoka is so isolated people that live there, often haven’t seen anything else. No direct access to healthcare makes it incredibly difficult to get help.

Small medical issues become life threatening situations – only because of the lack of basic healthcare. During our recent visit, Mercy Ships and MAF were supposed to pick up a young girl who was suffering from a large facial tumour.

The flight came too late as the young woman passed away. The tumour pushed against her airway and she died because she couldn’t breathe anymore.

The reality is hard. We see how we can help hundreds, thousands of people every year. As difficult as it was to learn about this, it fires us up to do even more, to make sure healthcare is accessible for everyone.

Although that young woman did not make the flight, 3 other patients came back with us that day that will have free surgeries onboard the Africa Mercy!

We are incredibly grateful for MAF flying the extra mile with us to reach those in need of medical care.