Veloma Madagascar

7 June 2016
[:en]Mada2_Total_Surgeries_LOAfter 2 field services in Madagascar, the Africa Mercy will set sail for its next port in preparation for service in Benin, West Africa. We depart with many thanks from the government, local people, and patients for the impact we had here.

Each patient is special and on the AFM, we have time and resources to treat patients as individuals which enables them to walk in hope because they are seen, cared for, and valued. At the end of a field service though, we take time to look back and assess how much work was done knowing that each of the final numbers represents a story, a struggle, and new found hope for something better for an individual. The numbers are important in that they measure the impact we have on a country while at the same time remembering each touch, conversation, smile, and final goodbye to someone who has left with more than what they came with.

Though sad to say goodbye (veloma), we set sail knowing that through medical capacity building, healthcare professionals have been mentored and medical facilities are newly renovated to provide life restoring healthcare for years to come.

Our crew keep their own personal blogs and many have given us a look into their world and what leaving a country and the end of a field service means to them, especially the hard goodbyes.

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