5 Ride for Refuge Fundraising Tips

1 August 2017
[:en]1.. Top 6 Campaigns

– People like supporting people they know. Write down your top six list, or let us prompt your brainstorming! You (always give to your own campaign)

– Your sibling $ (they owe you big time for all the mean things they did to you growing up)

– Mom (ask her during the day)

– Dad (ask him after Mom goes to bed)

– Friends (the ones who think you are awesome…and you are, aren’t you?)

– Boss (she loves encouraging community in the workplace – ask her!)

    This approach will get you going! Ride on!

2. Cover absolutely everything. Your friends, family, workmates, school buddies, etc. will all know without a doubt that you are involved in the RIDE because…

– They see your social media posts

– They’ve gotten an email ask from you

– You’ve got RIDE posters up in your bathroom

– Your email signature is the RIDE logo and something about caring for the poor… which you actually do!

– People will respond and you’ll have a ball doing this!

3. Good Will Hunting Campaign

– Simple, and from the quote “I scratched your back, now it’s time for you to scratch mine” school of fundraising. Remember all those friends you supported who were fundraising? The one for cancer, ALS, their school equipment, their kids dance recital tickets etc? Now it’s their turn to give to you.

– Brainstorm your list of friends

– Search your email for tax receipts and fire off personal emails to all those you supported

– Watch the money come in!

  It works! – if you’ve been giving, so umm, yeah.

4. The $25 Ask Campaign

– A favourite, and works like this – brainstorm a list of prospective donors you know, and ask each of them to specifically give you $25. That’s it – you don’t care who they      are or how much money they may or may not have – everyone’s asked to give $25 exactly.

– Your ask is low, clear and understood. “Well gee, they’ll say to themselves, I gotta at least have 25 bucks around here some place.” Success!

5. Rejected Campaign Ideas.

Below is a growing list of campaigns we've heard of but flatly rejected. If you see yourself doing any of these, call us quick and we'll talk you through better options!

– The Terminator – “Give or I’ll de-friend you”

– The Passive Aggressive – “Give or I’ll cry”

– The Co-Dependent – your mother fundraises for you

Thanks for all of your support, wishing you the best of success with your fundraising!

Jane, Mercy Ships Canada Donor Relations Coordinator

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