• When Love is Awakened

    When Love is Awakened

    A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves

    – Frederick William Faber

    This Easter we celebrate resurrection, renewal and rebirth. As the lives of our patients are changed, one by one, love continues to be awakened in the hearts of many and spread around like wildfire. Fear turns into courage, despair turns into hope and this new love, for oneself, for others, is the most special of new beginnings.

    For many patients, this new beginning starts at the HOPE centre, before surgery and after surgery as they recover. Rose is one of many staying at the HOPE centre in Benin.

    8-year-old Rose has a burn contracture on her right arm that has caused her fingers to be restricted in motion. She fell into a fire when she was very little – she was trying to walk. Rose’s father Dele was at work. There were fire embers where the fire had been, and unbenownst to Rose, were still very hot. She put her hands into the embers.

    Rose getting ready to go into surgery.

    Rose getting ready to go into surgery.

    Her family took her to the local hospital and they point an ointment on the burns. A few days later, there was pus coming from the wound. The family had no money left for other treatment so they applied traditional medicine. It didn’t work. Over time, the scarring froze Rose’s hand into a badly contorted position, making it difficult to do what most girls her age find easy. Her father prays that free surgery will help his Rose get back what she has lost.

    Rose enjoying coloring on the ward as she recovers from hand surgery.

    Rose enjoying coloring on the ward as she recovers from hand surgery.

    Free surgery meanss Rose will be able to fetch water, wash clothes and pound yams – skills she needs as a young woman in her village. Rose is currently in the Benin HOPE Centre, where she will receive rehabilitation, ministry, and love from our team of volunteers.

    Rose smiling as usual after one of her rehab appointments.

    Rose smiling as usual after one of her rehab appointments.

    Hearts continue to be rebuilt by hope, and dreams resurrected through the new beginning surgery provides. Happy Easter, we hope for love in your hearts and pray for the new beginnings needed not just for patients, but for our crew and supporters.


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    1. Edgar Milson says:

      When I am able to, I will send you more money, but that will not be for a couple of months, at least. I live on a $30000.00 a year pension and I have a mortgage to pay and a wife to support.
      All the best, Edgar

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