Travel and flight information

To help you get the best rates, terms and overall benefits for your flights, we have made an agreement with Menno Travel as our official travel agent for Canadian volunteers. Using Menno Travel as your travel agency is also the only way for you to get a tax receipt for the cost of your flight (see details in flight booking instructions below).

Menno Travel offers exclusively negotiated humanitarian airfares with refundable tickets, reduced charges on changed tickets, extended purchase windows, greater baggage allowance, and familiarity with the best routing to “off-the-beaten-path” places. Menno Travel’s parent company, Raptim, works with Mercy Ships in the United States.

Menno Travel’s consultant for Mercy Ships Canada:

Glenda Weglo :

Menno Travel:
302 – 32025 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2K7
Toll Free: 1-800-667-5559
Fax: 604- 853-4931

Step-by-step flight booking instructions

  1. Contact Menno Travel to make your travel arrangements.
  2. Contact the Operations Center with your flight details as they will need to approve your itinerary.
  3. Once the Operations Center has approved everything, let Menno Travel  know. They will then email an invoice to the Mercy Ships Canada office with the total amount of your flight.
  4. Mercy Ships Canada will then contact you with different donation payment options. Paying for your flight through our office is processed as a “donation*” to Mercy Ships Canada, which is why you are entitled to a tax receipt for that amount. *Donation is cost of flight plus $50 administration fee. A credit card payment involves an additional 5% merchant fee on total cost. Donation must be made by you or one individual on your behalf. Whoever makes the donation will receive the tax receipt.
  5. Send appropriate donation to Mercy Ships Canada (online, phone or mail).


*If travel plans change once the donation has been made to Mercy Ships, these funds cannot be refunded.

Please note that the payment of your flight cannot come out of your project fund donations until you are on the ship. The cost of the flight is the volunteer’s responsibility and must be paid to Mercy Ships Canada entirely upfront.

Other costs to consider

Remember to consider the following “other costs” when budgeting for your mission trip.

  • Flight delay or layover expenses
  • Service tips (baggage handlers, cabs, etc.)
  • Immunizations; Medical/Travel insurance
  • Passport/passport photos/visas
  • Prayer or fundraising letters/cards
  • Spending money