• Do Twice the Good with one Donation

    Do Twice the Good with one Donation

    CGA140117_EYE_CLINIC_PULCHERIE_PAT30130_JC0005This April give someone the amazing gift of a new beginning! Patients travel from near and far, often selling their possessions to make the journey to wait in line for hours to be seen by the Mercy Ships screening team and given an appointment card to walk up the gangway and board the Africa Mercy, where they will receive free life changing surgery.

    Without your help, their would be no tomorrows for many and bleak futures for thousands. However, we are so happy to be able to say that with such amazing support, one by one lives are changed and the futures of not only the individual, but those connected to that individual are changed.

    After our patients go home, you don’t usually see what happens next, but the ripple effect of their new beginning flows into areas of family life, community life, and the sharing of knowledge (such
    as dental hygiene).

    When Pulcherie received free surgery to remove her cataracts, she was able to see her infant daughter for the first time and work to be able to feed her and help her as she grows up.

    For the month of April your gift will be MATCHED, which means you’re doubling the difference being made in so many people’s lives!



  • 2 Responses to Do Twice the Good with one Donation

    1. Lianna says:

      Hi how do I get involved?

      • Mercy Ships says:

        Hi Lianna, thank you for getting in touch! If you are interested in volunteering you can join our online community mymercy.mercyships.org which is made up of current, past and future volunteers! Any questions you have will be answered. If you are looking to get involved in different ways, please check out mercyships.ca/volunteer/other-ways-to-get-involved/

        – Mercy Ships Canada

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