• The Africa Mercy to Sail to Benin in 2016

    The Africa Mercy to Sail to Benin in 2016

    BeninAfter careful consideration, the Executive Committee of the Mercy Ships International Board has approved the deployment of the Africa Mercy to the nation of Benin for the August 2016 – June 2017 field service. 

    The Africa Mercy was previously scheduled to dock in Benin in 2014, but had to redeploy due to the Ebola outbreak in the region of West Africa.  Following the past two years of service in Madagascar, the decision to return to West Africa was taken with great care and deliberation even though Benin was not affected.

    During the past several months a number of West African countries have been declared Ebola free.  In the coming months, Mercy Ships will continue to carefully monitor these encouraging developments, study and make the necessary preparations for this field service.

    Benin is considered one of the most stable and safest countries in the region, with a history of peaceful transitions between governments through democratic elections, and a progressive government striving to modernise the country and eradicate poverty.

    Despite the stability of both the country and its economic growth, it is still considered one of the poorest nations in the world, ranking at 165 out of 187 countries according to the United Nations Human Development Index in 2013. Benin welcomes support to improve the country’s health system. (1)

    Donovan Palmer, Group Managing Director for Mercy Ships, reports, “Since our last visit to Benin, the Mercy Ships programmatic model has expanded.  Capacity-building projects are now possible on a scale which did not exist previously.  Coupled with the opportunity to build on projects from the past, we believe Mercy Ships efforts have the potential to catalyze change in Benin in ways not possible before now.”

    The Africa Mercy last visited Benin in 2009.  Previous to that time, Mercy Ships have also docked in Cotonou in 2004, 2001, and first served in the nation in 1997.

    (1)  http://hdr.undp.org/sites/all/themes/hdr_theme/country-notes/BEN.pdf

  • 33 Responses to The Africa Mercy to Sail to Benin in 2016

    1. yao luke says:

      merry christmas and happy new year 2016 to mercy ships founders mister and mis don and deyon stephens and all mercy ships crew members.may the lord jesus christ and god be with in madagascar tamatave port(africa) and any where you are in the world.amen!

    2. Emmanuel says:

      We wish you a very successful outreach in Cotonou. Can anyone needing surgery in surrounding countries like Nigeria also come in?

    3. arnato says:

      i would like to know where you will be at Cotonou and when will you start receiving people?

      • Mercy Ships says:

        The Africa Mercy will arrive in the port of Porto Novo in Cotonou, Benin on Thursday, August 18th. Our screening center will be open on Monday, August 22nd. Thank you for inquiring!

    4. God's son says:

      What you’re doing can be said to be the height of charity,I’ve never seen or heard of any charity organisation like this before,this is the 1st of its kind..May God reward you all abundantly.
      Pls how can one get a job with mercy ship during the period in Cotonou?

    5. Magloire says:

      Tout juste pour avoir vos adresses au Benin. Merci

    6. Wassel Ahmed says:

      I am a dentist…i am working in benin since 2008..i want to do anything to help you during your period in benin …free without money like you..i am working in the hospital el fateh in Porto Novo and in the hospital CHDDonga in Djougou..i like your mercy ships very much…i have 25 years as an experience

    7. Wassel Ahmed says:

      I have sent you an e mail in 2014 but perhaps for Ebola outbreak you have changed your planning for Benin

    8. Wassel Ahmed says:

      I hope to visit you…

    9. Gaji O. SAMUEL says:

      you are really a blessing in my life
      (6) six ago i was operated of tomuor on my face
      and today my life is different

      a boy that could not stand among his mates, in public
      or grouping is now a star in his country (Nigeria)
      putting smile in many face through comedy and Acting

      to God b;less all his glory ….
      please me a favour i will like to share my testimonies on the ship
      to many


    10. Maximien Ahononhoue says:

      Be blessed To the whole team i want to be volunteer… Work with you my number 96350745 e-mail maminxi@gmail.com

    11. osaitie osayande says:

      What are the requirements for screening Benin please?

    12. Sandra Uche says:

      Please my two kids aged 6 and 2 needs surgery, how do I locate the mercy ship? I live in Cotonou

      • Mercy Ships says:

        Hello Sandra,

        Thank you for reaching out. Our ship, the Africa Mercy, is currently docked in Cotonou and our screening center is located at at CENTRE DON BOSCO, ZOGBO. It opens at 7:30AM. Here is a map for your reference: mercyships.ca/cotonou-site-map-2016-2017/ If you are unable to make it to a screening please email our screening team with details about your children’s ailments at patients.benin@mercyships.org we hope you are able to get them some help. Many blessings!

        • Osaitie osayande says:

          Good day,
          My people are in Benin from Nigeria, their daughter needs SURGERY for her bow legs. Zogbo center is closed. Need help for others within Benin please. Many thanks

    13. Oluwaseun says:

      Good afternoon, I want to know where mercy ships will be docking in cotonou.
      Good bless you may the grace of the Lord abide with you.

    14. olorunjuwon mary says:

      Thanks to mercy ships for giving hope to the hopeless.am a patient from in need of maxilofacial surgery,please can I know the date I can come for screening,what are the requirement for screening?do I need to book an appointment ahead for screening or can I come any day? God bless and thanks for helping.

      • ABUBAKARR JALLOH says:

        THANK YOU

    15. Gifty mensah says:

      Pls I want to find out if a child with a disable eye can be helped,it happen from birth,am from Ghana.

    16. Clarice says:

      Hello. I am so thankful for the lives you are saving.
      My brother live in Burkina Faso. He had fracture in one leg more than 15 years in a traffic accudent.a doctor care first the broken leg that wasn’t maybe properly done. And later fled the country due to growing problems with lots of his patients. My brother safer a lot with wounds on theach affected leg. He tried to treat the leg and , but can’t afford to continue due to cost. He also need help to remove a metal in the leg, that doctor said the key need to do doesn’t exist anymore.

      Can you can please save his life? Can he come to Benin?

      May God bless you.

    17. kent says:

      Hello to everyone,how is it going,i heard more about the mercy ship,please i’m 30 years of age,old i heard a keliod on my leftsid of my neck,please get me email or contacts address in cotonou,reply ..

    18. modeste says:

      DIEU bénit mercy shyps et tous les membres d’équipage et traducteur.j’ai une soeur qui a de gros seins et demande votre aide pour se faire opérer.

    19. modeste says:

      C’est possible d’envoyer les photo de la malade ?

    20. modeste says:

      Au nom du Christ vous êtes bénis.ma soeur attend votre invitation pour se faire opérer. mon n:97696427.GOD blessé you.

    21. eliezer says:

      Hello Mr

      I called , eliezer and I reside in Benin precisely in Cotonou
      I am suffering from an azoospermia for more than a year, and I want you to help me found a cure
      Here are the result of the analyses that we my asked attachment
      I’m really désespere
      Please help me please

    22. Promise Lawrence says:

      Good day, please what is the time scheduled to meet patients with fibroid?

    23. modeste Àhounou says:

      BONNE soirée à vous ,ma soeur demande votre aide.

    24. modeste Àhounou says:

      Vous êtes béni au nom du christ

    25. Jacqueline Samples says:

      Hello I am a Pastor in the states and there is a Pastor in Benin that is over an orphanage.
      There are three kids there that have typhoid fever and need drugs and food. How can they receive help? Look forward to your timely reply.

    26. Donald Niels MELE says:


      Please tell me when will the mercy ship will be leaving Cotonou.


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