• Take a Glimpse: Hospital Informatics

    Take a Glimpse: Hospital Informatics

    Did you know that the Africa Mercy has a dedicated Hospital Informatics Manager? This field service the role is filled by the talented Denny who creates pretty amazing graphics like this one. Here’s a summary in his words of what it is and how it helps us out in the field.

    This is an info graphic dashboard that gives us a glimpse of where we have recruited patients, in what proportions, and for what diagnosis. This dashboard is updated in real-time as patients are screened with our mobile screening app on smartphones by Beninese field screeners. It also contains a radar chart that tells us the number of patients we have screened for each specialty. The area chart in the bottom middle displays the number of patients that have been screened each day by each Beninese field screeners. Based off the statistics within this dashboard we can adjust our screening strategies to recruit patients in a balanced way from all regions of the country for each specialty.

    We’re so excited to take a glimpse this week at Hospital Informatics and see how technology and medicine are connecting more and more to provide better patient care!

    Hospital Informatics Glimpse

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