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  • Nicole’s Praise

    “When I gave birth to Dorkas, she was a healthy baby,” recalled Nicole. “But the problems started soon after.” As she watched her firstborn constantly squinting, she became concerned. “I started to wonder what this could be,” she said. Her fears were confirmed and multiplied when, three years later, a new baby named Anna was […]

  • 2016 02 Dec

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    Mary’s Story

    Mary’s Story

    Mary had endured years of her classmates’ taunting. “Bag face, bag face, bag face,” they shouted. A tumor covered her right eye, billowing over half her face. It made one side of her face droop down, and, as a result, Mary always looked sad. Day after day, the 14-year-old came home crying, tears trickling out […]

  • 2015 26 Nov


    The Africa Mercy to Sail to Benin in 2016

    The Africa Mercy to Sail to Benin in 2016

    After careful consideration, the Executive Committee of the Mercy Ships International Board has approved the deployment of the Africa Mercy to the nation of Benin for the August 2016 – June 2017 field service.  The Africa Mercy was previously scheduled to dock in Benin in 2014, but had to redeploy due to the Ebola outbreak […]

  • The Africa Mercy’s 2014-2015 Field Service

    On August 26th the Africa Mercy will arrive in Cotonou, Benin to begin her 2014-2015 field service! Benin is considered one of the most stable and safest countries in the region, with a recent history of peaceful transitions between governments through democratic elections, and a progressive government striving to modernise the country and eradicate poverty. […]