• Specialty Focus: General Surgery- Goiters

    Specialty Focus: General Surgery- Goiters
    ©2016 Mercy Ships

    ©2016 Mercy Ships

    Under the general surgery focus, Mercy Ships provides treatment for people who suffer from goiters. Often a growth that looks to be the size of a baseball or large grapefruit, goiters occur when either too much or too little thyroid hormone is produced, causing the thyroid gland to be enlarged.

    This can result in health problems, such as weight loss or gain, tracheal deviation, and choking sensations when lying flat, making sleeping and speaking difficult.

    Risk factors for goiters are higher for women and when they come to screening. Many women wear scarves around their necks to avoid the stares and insults.

    Thankfully Mercy Ships provides surgery to treat people like Serafine whose goiter began as a small lump but then continued to grow for 34 years. Now she is free of the discomfort (and the scarf)!

    Change a Life like Serafine’s Today!

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