• Saving Samsdine Against All Odds

    Right from the start, the odds were stacked against him. Little Samsdine was born with a cleft-palate, and since birth had been suffering almost constantly from malaria. He lives with his mother in a remote village which made accessing treatment and medicines difficult – the future wasn’t looking good. Then his mother heard that the Africa Mercy was docked in Cotonou, Benin, and made the long, difficult journey to the ship with her son. When they arrived at the Africa Mercy, Samsdine was not only sick with a bought of Malaria but was also severely malnourished and in constant pain.

    Samsdine waits with his mother on the ward for surgery

    Samsdine waits with his mother on the ward for surgery

    Thanks to volunteers and donors, Samsdine had the support he needed to become healthy enough for surgery. With his cleft lip gone, he will be able to grow up big and strong, happy and healthy!

    Samsdine waits with his mother, for his outpatients appointment.

    Samsdine with his mother after surgery on the Africa Mercy!

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