Goal: To address neglected trauma and congenital conditions by providing specialized orthopaedic care and physical therapy.

Eighty percent of the world’s fractures and the majority of club feet occur in developing nations. Without appropriate medical care, those who have these types of defects experience a life of pain and shame.

When Mercy Ships docks in a developing nation, crew members roll out an orthopaedics program that includes life-changing surgeries and teaching local health care providers a universal non-surgical technique, the Ponseti method, for correcting club feet.

Because orthopaedic correction is often a multi-year process, we train and mentor personnel in the community to pick up where Mercy Ships leaves off. Not only does this help ensure the successful completion of treatment for each patient, but it also has a direct long-term impact on the local economy. The skills for manufacturing casting and brace products, providing physical therapy and counseling services, and other related jobs are passed on. These income-generating skills benefit the local economy.