Companies can create shared value while changing the lives of the forgotten of this world. A partnership with Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing to the poor may have tangible and intangible benefits for your company and your employees.

Our partners have expanded their customer base, demonstrated increased social responsibility and public relations opportunities. A partnership allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition and promotes a healthy corporate culture.

Partnerships are very important for Mercy Ships. Donations from our corporate partners play a vital role in improving the health and financial situation of our patients. Mercy Ships has several socially responsible investment tools, including:

Partner Program
Sponsor a program or a particular sector of the ship; restore sight to 20 people, make 10 surgeries, helping to sterilize instruments in hospitals of our land partners, fill the ship’s fuel tanks for a day.

Capacity building
Your company can finance the training of a surgeon with the latest techniques, allow nurses to update their skills or obtain certification of a local worker in a new job.

Volunteer Exchange
Our ​​volunteers all pay room and board to board and their airfare. Your company may offer a crew member in your area a scholarship that will cover his expenses.

Event sponsorship
Organize a golf tournament, cocktail or a networking event with proceeds going to Mercy Ships.

Parallel Donations
Pour in Mercy Ships Canada a contribution of 25%, 50% or 100% of those of your employees in a given period or permanently.

Ask that a former employee, a member of the Board or staff to make a presentation to your employees and suppliers while they eat the meal they bring in their will or that provided catering .

Ship tour
Plan a trip that will allow a group of business partners to visit the Africa Mercy. Undertake an agricultural project or improvement of hospital infrastructure. See the results for yourself.

Gifts in Kind
Donations in kind allow us to use our ability to provide care where needs are greatest. It is through the kind donations we can provide services worth $ 3 for every dollar received.


Colleen Sullivan
Development and Donor Relations
250-381-2160 or 1-866-900-7447

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