Donation FAQ’s

How can I make a donation to Mercy Ships Canada?

Donations to Mercy Ships Canada can be made online, by phone, by mail, or in person at our office in Victoria, BC.

Mercy Ships Canada Charitable Number: 89064-8249-RR0001

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit,  we can also set up monthly payments.


Donate by phone

To make a donation by phone, please call toll free 1-866-900-7447

between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time), Monday to Friday.

Donate by mail or in person

Mercy Ships Canada

Unit #5 3318 Oak Street

Victoria BC

V8X 1R1


Please make cheques or money order payable to Mercy Ships Canada.

Will I receive an official donation receipt for my donation?

Yes. Mercy Ships Canada is a registered Canadian charity. We will acknowledge your gift by email or post, you can select how you would like to receive the receipt. We will send an Official Donation receipt within a month after receiving your donation unless you specifically request a consolidated annual receipt. If you are making regular monthly donations, you will receive one annual consolidated donation receipt for the total amount of your donations over the year. That Official Donation receipt is issued in February of the following year.

Official Donation Receipts will be issued for gifts over and including $10.00

Our charitable registration number is 89064-8249-RR0001.

Can I change how and when I receive my official donation receipt?

You may change your receipting preference at any time to either individual receipting (sent out after each donation) or consolidated receipting (an annual summary sent in February). You may also change how you receive the receipts to either email or post at any time. Please contact our Donor Services Coordinator by emailing or by calling toll-free: 1-866-900-7447.

Who is entitled to an official donation receipt?

According to the CRA, a registered charity can only issue an official donation receipt to the individual or organization that made the gift. A charity cannot issue an official donation receipt in the name of anyone but the true donor. Please see for more information on official donation receipts. An official donation receipt will only be issued when the donor name and credit card name match.

Can I make monthly donations?

Absolutely. Our Shipmates Monthly Giving Program enables you to budget your generosity throughout the year. On the 15th of each month your desired contribution will be withdrawn from your bank account or credit card, and in February you will receive one official donation receipt.

If you wish to make changes to the amount of your donation or cancel it, Please contact our Donor Services Coordinator by emailing or by calling toll-free: 1-866-900-7447.’

I’ve moved. How do I update my account information?

To update your contact information, you can reach our Mercy Ships Canada office at or call 1-866-900-7447.

I still don’t have an answer to my question…

For any questions regarding official donation receipts or Mercy Ships in general please contact our Mercy Ships Canada office toll- free 1-866-900-7447.

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