Mercy Ships Campus Network

Making Waves of ChangeWhat is the Mercy Ships Canada Campus Network?

Mercy Ships Campus Network launched in Canada as the first step in what will be a global network of university and college campus clubs.

Each Mercy Ships Campus Club is focused on supporting the global work of Mercy Ships.

Each club is independently motivated but supported centrally, to raise awareness and funds to support the enormous impact this volunteer charity has in the poorest areas of the world.\

The current focus of Mercy Ships is West Africa, one of the poorest regions in the world.

Why Join?

In one week alone last year, Mercy Ships surgeons on the Africa Mercy restored the sight of 106 people!
We’d like to think you’ll join the Campus Network because “that’s a wonderful statistic and just one of the things we can keep on doing with your support”. We know, though, that there are other good organizations out there and no one can support them all. That said, here’s why we believe Mercy Ships Campus Network is special and why you should consider supporting it.

  1. The people we help are amongst the most disadvantaged on earth.
  2. We are a volunteer charity and count on doctors, nurses, dentists and others to continue to volunteer their time. They’d support you supporting them.
  3. A high percentage of every dollar we raise goes directly to providing surgeries and life-changing, real-world education.
  4. We’ll support you with the tools your club needs to tell the story. At the same time, we give you free rein to try new things.
  5. You’ll learn a lot in the club and as a successful club member, you’ll receive commendation for your work that will support your post-graduation job resume.
  6. You will also have a “top-of-the-list” opportunity to volunteer onboard the Africa Mercy or at one of many land support initiatives. That’s eye-opening, life-defining work, no matter what you do later in life.
  7. You can personally make a difference in our troubled world. A few hours of your time can make amazing things happen. We’ll also make sure you know exactly what your efforts have made possible.
  8. And finally, it just makes you feel good while helping others feel better!


Get Started

Contact JoJo Beattie at the Mercy Ships Canada office: or call toll-free 1-866-900-7447. JoJo has all the materials you need to get your club started, including a template for a constitution, ideas for fundraisers, how to promote the club on your campus, etc.

You can also check out the Mercy Ships Campus Network website for more details.


Other Ways to Get Involved