• Gearing up to open the doors to the HOPE Centre

    As the Africa Mercy Sails to Douala, Cameroon the Advance Team is on the ground working extremely hard to train day workers and prepare our land based facilities for the ship’s arrival.

    Are you curious where the Hospital Out Patient Extension (HOPE) Centre will be in Douala? Below are the site maps to where you can see the location of the HOPE Centre, the Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, Biomedical, Obstetric Fistula and Ponseiti clinic (located next to the HOPE Centre).

    Site Map Douala v 2

    Site Map Littoral v 2

    The HOPE Centre Manager, Martha Rodriguez,  who is already in country, welcoming and training her HOPE Centre facilitators and day crew commented that the building after the major renovations is ‘beautiful’.

    This amazing renovation has been made possible because of YOU. The HOPE Centre in Cameroon is 100% funded by Canadian donors. You are providing patients and their families a place to rest, recover and heal from life changing surgery, this is an essential component to what we do.

    Here is a sneak peek at some of the before and after photographs of the HOPE Centre, which will soon be filled with beds, supplies, patients and their family members.

    HOPE Centre Before and After


    Hope Centre Before and After (1)

    The HOPE Centre will open on August 24th with first surgeries beginning on September 4th. Be sure to stay tuned in September for a special video tour of the HOPE Centre given by Canadian crew members Larry and Sandy Hewitt!


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