• The Future is Looking Bright for Cecilia

    We are coming to the end of our first month of our Cameroon field service, with legs being straightened, tumours being removed and lives being changed onboard the world’s largest charity hospital ship.

    This month a number of orthopedic surgeries were completed onboard, and last week several orthopedic patients overcame a huge milestone: their first steps after surgery.

    Among those taking their first steps was three-year-old Cecilia, who stole the heart of everyone who watched her bravely beam around the hospital wards in her miniature walker. Suffering from a knocked knee that has now been set straight, the only person who seemed more overjoyed than Cecilia was her father, Emmanuel. His smile never left his face as he helped his little girl take her first steps after surgery, commenting how Cecilia’s future is now “bright and full of possibilities”.

    Alexandra Osborn, Ward Nurse, playing with Cecilia.

    Alexandra Osborn, Ward Nurse, playing with Cecilia.

    Cecilia will undergo more treatment as doctors and physiotherapists help her walk properly for the first time in her life, something that couldn’t happen without the support of volunteers and donors. Thanks to this support it won’t be long before Cecilia is able to depart the ship with a new knee, and a new life.

    Cecilia, Orthopedic patient, before surgery with her dad.

    Cecilia, before surgery with her dad.

    This is only the beginning, and the hospital wards of the Africa Mercy are filled with patients who will be given free life-changing surgeries and medical treatments this field service. Keep checking the blog for more patient stories as many more life-changing transformations happen onboard the Africa Mercy as we continue our field service in Cameroon!


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