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  • 2018 16 Apr

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    National Volunteer Week 2018

    National Volunteer Week 2018

    Volunteers…Mercy Ships wouldn’t be Mercy Ships without them!  Each year Mercy Ships Canada says bon voyage to over a hundred volunteers from across the country as they depart for the Africa Mercy. Volunteers pay their own way and give their time to help make the mission of Mercy Ships possible. We are in awe of their dedication, their […]

  • 10 Questions with Erin Muyres

    Nurse Erin Muyres from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, has volunteered multiple times with Mercy Ships. We recently caught up with Erin to ask her a few questions… What went through your mind when you walked up the Africa Mercy’s gangway for the first time? It was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing the […]

  • Meet Benin’s First Female Surgeon: Dr. Odry Agbessi

    “When I was 12, I saw a woman on TV … her suitor had burned her with acid. Her face had become fused to her neck, so she could never look a person in the eye.” Dr. Odry Agbessi mimics the condition, tucking her chin in close to her throat. “There was not one plastic […]

  • Canada 150 and the Joy of Volunteering

    How would you describe to someone a Canadian beyond the stereotypes? Compassionate? Altruistic? Resilient? As we prepare to celebrate our nations 150th birthday, it is important to reflect on what these 150 years have established. Here at Mercy Ships Canada, we are proud to feel like traits, such as compassion and resilience represent Canadians at […]

  • Catching up with Jane: Departing Benin

    When I was on the ship, it was amazing to me to see how many volunteer crew members also volunteered for extra volunteer work! In 2011, I served in Sierra Leone, and was involved in co-leading a Women’s Prison Ministry.  Prison Ministries are part of each Mercy Ships outreach. Every two weeks on a Saturday, […]

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