• Catching Up with Jane: HOPE Centre Update #3

    Canadians are funding the next HOPE centre (Hospital Out Patient Extension) and we couldn’t be more grateful! We want to keep you updated so you know just what your gift is supporting. During the month of April we have seen great progress begin at the Infrastructure sites in Cameroon. Read on to find out more!

    The two sites are being transformed in preparation for the arrival of the Africa Mercy in the middle of August 2017. Laquintinie Hospital’s previous Pediatric Ward B is being remodeled into the Mercy Ships Dental Clinic. The original building has been abandoned for some time with toilets, electricity and rooms being unusable. Water damage from rain and poor plumbing has contributed to the need for a complete renovation. New electricity and plumbing will be a priority to ensure safe and effective services to the teams working at the dental clinic.


    Windows are being removed and replaced to provide for air conditioning to the treatment rooms and offices. The extension for the Eye Clinic is being added to the right hand side of the Dental Clinic building (Old Pediatric Ward B).

    The transformation continues at the site adjacent to the Nylon Hospital which will soon be the Cameroon HOPE Centre.

    After a massive cleanup project that has occurred over the past months, a clean slate provides a great beginning to the renovation work. Successful removal of old cars, plastic drums, huge crates, squatters and chickens paved the way for the renovation to begin.


    The buildings on site consist of four individual structures, Building 1-Facilitator offices, storage and meeting rooms, with a potential outside ‘gazebo’ for games craft activities.

    Building 2-Double Storey Ward building – to potentially house 166 patients.

    Building 3- Warehouse – converted into additional ward space for an additional 60 -70 beds, Ponseti Clinic and Day Crew facilities.


    Building 4- Old garage building is being converted into amenities block for both male and female patients, providing both toilets and showers.

    More updates to come as the infrastructure team progress with the renovations to the buildings in preparation for Cameroon field service. Please keep the teams in your prayers as they work hard to meet the deadlines and to provide great facilities for the future!



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