• Lucien Bradet

Lucien Bradet

As President and CEO of Canadian Council on Africa and CEO of Lucien Bradet Consulting, M. Bradet is an experienced professional in economic development in Africa. M. Bradet is married to Chantal Larivière and is the father of 3 children and the grandfather of 5. 


Appointed to CCAfrica in early 2004, Lucien Bradet joined this association with extensive experience in Africa to his credit. He did his university studies in sociology and anthropology at the Université nationale du Rwanda (established during the 1960s with the assistance of the Canadian government) and at the University of Ottawa. He then joined the Department of Foreign Affairs, and subsequently held numerous management positions at Information Canada, the Department of Regional Economic Expansion and Industry Canada, where the Sustainable Cities Initiative was developed and implemented.


In the last seven years, he has lead more than 15 missions to over 20 African countries, including Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. He has convened a number of major conferences in Canada on the economic development of Africa, and assisted many countries in their dialogue with Canadians.