• The Africa Mercy’s 2014-2015 Field Service

    On August 26th the Africa Mercy will arrive in Cotonou, Benin to begin her 2014-2015 field service!


    Benin is considered one of the most stable and safest countries in the region, with a recent history of peaceful transitions between governments through democratic elections, and a progressive government striving to modernise the country and eradicate poverty. Export of agricultural products is the main source of income, but the Port of Cotonou also serves as a major gateway for goods into the neighbouring countries of Togo, Burkino Faso, Niger and Nigeria.

    Despite the stability of both the country and its economic growth, it is still considered one of the poorest nations in the world, ranking at 165 out of 187 countries according to the United Nations Human Development Index in 2013. One of the areas that still needs major improvement is the country’s health system.

    Mercy Ships has been to Benin 3 times before with the Anastasisand once with the Africa Mercy on the following dates

    • 4th December 1997 to 10th April 1998,
    • 8th November 2000 to 15th June 2001
    • 27th October 2004 to 27th February 2005
    • 26th August 2009 to 28th May 2010


    During the Africa Mercy’s 10-month stay in the port of Cotonou, Republic of Benin, volunteers plan to provide over 2,300 surgeries for adult and child patients on board, to treat more than 18,000 at land-based dental and eye clinics renovated for the purpose, and provide holistic health care education to over 160 Beninois health care professionals and 800 community leaders!

    Our Education Programs aim to impart knowledge and skills while modelling and encouraging a compassionate and a professional attitude to promote transformational development in the Beninois health sector. Measures include one-on-one mentoring opportunities and internationally recognized courses for groups in the Africa Mercy hospital.

    Make sure to check back for updates on the Africa Mercy and her Crew! 


  • 7 Responses to The Africa Mercy’s 2014-2015 Field Service

    1. Kim Keller-Rakochy says:

      Any updates on the Benin situation? ie Ebola

    2. Cynthia Cooper says:

      My boyfriend. Name is John Creed was taken aboard your ship today. He is an Ebola patient. If you could please give me an update on his condition. I am in the USA. In Dalton, Georgia. I am worried sick about him. Is there anyway you might let him call me. Are you equipped with any of the vaccine for Ebola. If not do you have anyway of transporting him to Atlanta. Ga. To Emory Hospital. Your urgent reply would be greatly appreciated. He has a son over their in a boarding school that I try to keep him updated on his father’s condition

      Thank you, and God Bless you. CYNTHIA

      • Mercy Ships Canada says:

        Hello Cynthia,

        Our apologies but we cannot release patient names, we can however assure you that your boyfriend is not on board our ship as no one on board has Ebola nor are we in an affected region. Our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, has not been in West Africa for over a year and is currently docked in Tamatave, Madagascar.

        The ship is not equipped to take on Ebola patients which is why we are no longer in West Africa. Our last field service in the region took place in Conakry, Guinea in 2013. Perhaps you have us confused with another aid organization that is currently working in Benin? We are sorry we cannot do more to help, we hope you are able to reach your boyfriend.

        God Bless,

        Mercy Ships Canada

    3. Adam Akanni says:

      Please when are you coming to Cotonou (Benin Rep) I have a baby boy of 5 months old that was diagonized of Bilateral Congenital Cataract, what can I do?

      • Mercy Ships says:

        Hello Adam,

        The Africa Mercy has returned to Benin and will be docked in the port of Cotonou for the next 10 months. If your baby boy is still in need of medical attention our screening centers are located at CENTRE DON BOSCO, ZOGBO. Here is a site map for where we are located: mercyships.ca/cotonou-site-map-2016-2017/ If you are unable to get to our screening center please contact the screening team – patients.benin@mercyships.org and they may be able to be of assistance. Many blessings for you and your son!

    4. Adam Akanni says:

      Please when are u to Cotonou (Benin Rep). I have a baby boy of 5 months old diagnosed congenital cataract, what can I do?

      Thank you and God bless you. ADAM.

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